NTOSKRNL Component List

The following table lists the components within NTOSKRNL along with their respective function prefixes.

Prefix Component
Adtp Security Audit
Ah/Ahc App Helper
Alpc/Alpcp Advanced LPC
AnFw/AnFwp Animation Framework for Bootup
Arb/Arbp Arbiter
Authz Authorization
Brcypt Crypto API
Bapd/Bapdp Boot Application Persistent Data
Bcd Boot Configuration Datastore (BCD)
Bcp BugCheck Display
Bg/Bgp/Bgk Boot Graphics
Bi BCD Internal
Bvga Boot Video (VGA)
CMF MUI Cache Manager Framework
Cc Cache Manger
Cm/Cmp Configuration Manager
Dbg/Dbgk/Dbgkp Debug
DrvDb PnP Driver Database
Em/Emp Errata Manager
Etw/Etwp Event Tracing For Windows
Ex/Exp Executive
ExpWnf Windows Notification Framework
Fop Boot Font
FsFilter File System Filter Callback
FsRtl File System Run Time Library
Hdlsp Headless
Hv/Hvp Registry Hive
Hvl/Hvlp Hypervisor
Inbv Initialization Boot Video
Io/Iop/Iov I/O Manager
Kd/Kdp Kernel Debugger
Ke/Ki Kernel
Kse/Ksep Kernel Shimming Engine
Ldr/Ldrp Loader
Lsa Local Security Authority
Mm/Mi Memory Manager
Nls National Language Support
Nt/Zw Native API
Ob/Obp Object Manager
Pcw/Pcwp Performance Counter for Windows
Pdc Power Dependency Coordinator
Perf ETW Performance related logging
Pf/Pfp Logical Pre-fetcher
Po/Pop Power Manager
PoFx Power Framework
Pp/Pnp/Pi/Pip Plug and Play Manager
Ppm Processor Power Management
Ps/Psp Process Manager
Rasp Raster Font Support
Rtl/Rtlp Run Time Library
Sdb/Sdbp Shim Database
Se/Sep Security
Sm Store Manager
Tm Transaction Manager
Verifier/Vf/Vi/Ppv Driver Verifier
Wdi/Wdip Windows Diagnostic Infrastructure
Wer Windows Error Reporting
Whea/Wheap Windows Hardware Error Architecture
Wmi/Wmip Windows Management and Instrumentation