Kernel Debugging Tricks Video

The top 10 list of cool Windows kernel debugging tricks is a demo filled presentation that covers Data Structure Navigation, Hook and Patch Detection, Breakpointing Techniques, Driver Binary Transfer and Debugger Automation in WinDBG.

Section Time
Title Slide00:00
About CodeMachine00:52
Demo Setup01:28
Trick #10 (Walking the device tree)03:37
Trick #9 (Debugger automation)06:25
Trick #8 (Expression evaluation)12:32
Trick #7 (User mode breakpoints)15:47
Trick #6 (Breaking on memory allocations)20:34
Trick #5 (Running external commands)24:50
Trick #4 (Transferring driver binaries)28:02
Trick #3 (Finding strings in drivers)32:29
Trick #2 (Locating patched instructions)35:25
Trick #1 (Walking a linked list)38:03
Contact Information41:53