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CodeMachine offers highly specialized offensive and defensive security training courses that cover the latest in security research. These courses have been created specifically for security researchers, security software developers, malware analysts, threat hunters, incident responders, digital forensics investigators, red-teamers, and blue-teamers.

All of our training courses are security-focused, instructor-led, and have extensive hands-on labs. All of our training courses are available onsite or online (virtual).

Our Windows Kernel Rootkit Techniques virtual training at Blackhat, USA, 2021 is open for registration. This training has sold out every year it has been offered. Seats are limited so sign up soon and take advantage of the early bird discount.

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Why CodeMachine?

Designed by industry veterans with extensive security experience.

Created specifically for offensive and defensive security practitioners.

Training methodology perfected through decades of course delivery.

Years of experience and knowledge imparted during the training sessions.

Course content updated with every new release of Windows 10.

Consistently awesome feedback from training attendees.

Training Portfolio

Windows Internal Architecture Training

Take a deep dive into the internals of the Windows operating system as it applies to user mode components, from a security perspective with an emphasis on algorithms, data structures, and debugger usage.

Windows Malware Techniques Training

Learn about the post-exploitation techniques used at different execution stages by PE-file based malware and user-mode implants on the latest version of Windows.

Windows Kernel Internals Training

Take a deep dive into the internals of the Windows kernel from a security perspective with an emphasis on algorithms, data structures, and kernel debugger usage.

Windows Kernel Development Training

Get a jump-start into developing Windows kernel software drivers and by learning about kernel APIs, best practices, programming and live debugging techniques.

Windows Kernel Rootkits Training

Get a comprehensive end-to-end view of the modus-operandi of rootkits by taking an in-depth look at how the Windows kernel is exploited by malware through real-world case studies.

Windows Kernel Debugging Training

Learn about various techniques that can be applied to perform triaging, fault isolation, root cause analysis of kernel memory dumps from crashes and hangs caused by kernel-mode drivers.

Training Delivery

Our training courses are available for private delivery onsite and online (remote).

Please review this FAQ for information on scheduling a training for your team.

To find a training program appropriate for your team please review at this training roadmap.